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Your partner for environmental translations

Specialised products required specialised translations. GeoPolyGlob offers you precisely that – specialist translations in the four environmental fields of water, wind, earth and the sun. We offer you the services of a wide network of translators for translations in specialist subject matter in every European language (other languages are naturally available on request too).

Our work is always based on knowledge of the specialist terminology and an in-depth understanding of the specific industry. This is complemented by our personal dedication to and passion for our four core specialist fields:

Water  •  Sun  •  Earth  •  Wind

Make the most of our specialisation in the environment – for translations, interpreting services, technical editorial services and consulting services for every aspect of your international activities in Europe. We look forward to receiving your Enquiry. 



Seminars for language professionals at the Institut GeoPolyGlob

Next seminar on the topical theme of "Electrical Engineering" with focus on renewable energy.


GeoPolyGlob is a partner of Science Year 2012 "Project Earth: Our Future"


The Science Year 2012 "Project Earth: Our Future" is dedicated to research in sustainable development. Sustainability research is the key to the future. And GeoPolyGlob is making its contribution – with environmental translations and seminars.